Potty Training

What is Potty Training?
Potty training is the process of supporting your toddler to reach toilet independence and ditch diapers/nappies for good. Regardless of whether you start at birth, crawling, walking or into toddlerhood, all children have to go through the same 3 stages:

  1. Awareness (realising what happens and when),
  2. Responding (getting the pee and poo in the right place) and
  3. Independence (learning how to do 1 and 2 on your own).

and learn the same 40 skills that will lead them to toilet independence. (You can download this potty skills grid here)

When should you potty train?
Research shows that for most toddlers, the easiest time to potty train is somewhere between 18-24 months.  Potty training around this time is shown to reduce the risk of developing wetting and soiling issues later on, responds to your toddler’s burgeoning need for independence and significantly reduces the environmental impact of extended nappy use. Before disposables were the norm, over 92% of all babies were out of nappies by 18 months. Our toddlers are capable of great things with the right kind of support.

What about older toddlers?
The sooner you ditch diapers for good, the better for your toddler and the planet. Whenever you begin, you can apply the same gentle principles Little Bunny Bear teaches to help your child through the process.

How we can help
After walking, potty training is the second biggest milestone your child will reach in the first 5 years of life. Your toddler needs support and clear guidance to successfully achieve this milestone. Little Bunny Bear believes that parents and/or other carers are best placed to help their toddlers with this. We teach the gentle method which is evidence-based and aligned with attachment parenting principles, to give you the confidence you need to succeed.  Our founder Rebecca is a Registered Children’s Nurse and potty training consultant.

You can learn all about Potty Training from Rebecca by accessing our eLearning, booking a private coaching session or joining a support group.

Rebecca also created the Go Potty™ range of Puddle PadsNappy Belt Systems and Split-Crotch Trousers which you can order via our Etsy store or make your own using one of our Sew Potty™ sewing patterns.