organic baby mattress protector

About Organic baby mattress protector and puddle pads

Protect your mattress with a natural wool pad. Perfect for elimination communication, potty training and bedwetting.

split crotch trousers EC pants elimination communication clothing

About Go Potty Clothing

Learn about how using potty friendly clothing can help you potty successfully, from birth.

split crotch pants sewing pattern

Go Potty Sewing Patterns

Explore Little Bunny bear’s range of instant download PDF sewing patterns to make your own potty friendly clothing at home

Learn how to potty

All the basics you need to know to get started, from birth right up to formal potty training.

Go Potty
nappy free

Nappy Free Without the Mess

Nappy free time does not have to be scary, but it is important. Learn how to do it without a messy accident running your outfit (and your day).

baby pottying

What to wear for baby pottying (EC)

Baby potting does not have to mean being naked, or giving up cute and stylish baby clothes. Find out what to wear and why.

lanolising wool, puddle pads and mattress protectors

How to lanolise your wool puddle pad or mattress protector

Knowing how to lanolise wool is not complicated! Let Little Bunny Bear take you through the simple process step by step in this visual guide.

Ethical shopping

Why choose Little Bunny Bear?

Here at Little Bunny Bear, we believe in ethical shopping and giving back. Learn where your money is going.

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