Did you know that babies can use a potty from BIRTH? In fact, worldwide, most babies don’t rely on nappies. The nappy-free method, also known as baby-led potty training, infant pottying or “elimination communication”, is cleaner, greener and nicer for everyone.

Rebecca Mottram,            Little Bunny Bear

I’m Becky, and I have helped both my babies use a potty from birth. And I know that in the Western world, doing this can be a challenge, because most nappies and baby clothes are not designed to keep us in tune with our baby’s elimination needs. That’s why I opened my own shop, Little Bunny Bear, to bring to you my unique discreet split crotch trousers, natural wool puddle pads and organic mattress protectors and make your pottying journey both stylish and (most importantly) successful!

Watch me potty my youngest baby here,  see the BBC Mini-Doc here, and read my blog, for practical tips, and simple DIY tutorials to save you money and help you make your own awesome creations. I’m also running a FREE workshop in Leeds on April 22nd – see here for more details and to book your place. 

Little Bunny Bear’s Vision, Mission & Values are what make this business different, with an ethos focussed on making great products with minimal environmental impact. And I design and sew everything myself right here in Leeds, UK.

Little Bunny Bear works to fair-trade principles and is a social enterprise, giving back to the community by up-cycling fabrics sourced from local charity shops. Because I believe that businesses have a duty to share their success, I also donate 10% of all my profits to national and international children’s charities. By leading by these values I hope to inspire others to do the same. So when you buy something from Little Bunny Bear, you can be safe in the knowledge that your shopping habits are supporting ethical business and making a difference.

Little Bunny Bear: Be Inspired!