EC Essentials Set

What is the EC Essentials Set?
Essential for anyone practicing Elimination Communication or during Potty Learning/Potty Training, the EC Essentials set contains

Nappy Belt Systems
Split Trousers
Puddle Pads




Perfect set for starting EC or pottying. Everything you need to do mess-free observation time, achieve quick pottytunities and enjoy natural mattress protection. With the EC Essentials Set, you can save 20% when buying all 3 items together. It makes a great gift for a new parent so it’s a classic choice for a Baby Shower Gift.
You can choose from 3 sizes of puddle pad –
Small (38 x 50 cm (14.5 x 20″) good for crib or bassinet mattress protector, changing mat pad, seat pad for potty training, back up nap pad.
Medium (75x50cm / 20×29″) Crib pad, changing pad, toddler nap pad, play/floor mat or puddle pad, bed pad, under sheet in bed where child sleeps.
Large (100×75) Good as play/floor mat or larger puddle pad, toddler sleep pad, bed pad, under sheet in single or double or family bed where child sleeps.
Add in a nappy belt which fits from birth to age 3 or 4 or split pants which fit from birth to age 3 or 4, or both for maximum % saving.

What else makes us special?
Everything is handmade, according to fair trade standards and we use only materials that are eco and animal-friendly. We donate 10% of every purchase to charity.

Little Bunny Bear EC Essentials Set is available via our Etsy shop.