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We hope you enjoy these videos created by Rebecca Mottram of Little Bunny Bear. Rebecca is a Registered Children’s Nurse, potty training coach, author of The Baby Pottying Guide, trained seamstress and clothing designer. She created the Go Potty™ range of Puddle Pads, Nappy Belt Systems and Split-Crotch Tights & Trousers which you can buy or make yourself with the Sew Potty™ sewing patterns.

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As heard on BBC Radio4 Woman’s Hour!

“When it comes to potty training, we unpick the fads from what works. Rebecca Mottram, a children’s nurse who now runs her own business teaching potty training and Christina Hardyment, author of Dream Babies help us to work out the dos and don’ts – and what has changed over the years.” This episode of Woman’s Hour features our very own Rebecca Mottram as she demystifies potty learning and talks about why it is again becoming a popular choice among parents. Click the image below to listen to Rebecca on the radio.







19 genius potty hacks for parents practising Elimination Communication
It’s easy once you know how! In this video Rebecca shares 19 of her top tips for practising Baby Pottying or Elimination Communication. You can learn more from Rebecca or from our community of parents by joining our Facebook Group.


Why do parents practice Elimination Communication?
Meet the parents who help their babies use a potty from birth and find out why they do it and how they feel it benefits their connection to their child as well as the planet.


How do puddle pads work?
This video explains how our amazing Puddle Pads work. You can also learn more about the amazing properties of woolhow to lanolise a pad or buy from our Etsy store.

How to hold your baby over a toilet from birth
In this video Rebecca explains how to safely hold your baby over a potty or toilet before they are old enough to sit up unsupported. For more information about Baby Pottying you can download our Free Go Potty Guide or attend one of our classes.

Little Bunny Bear on the BBC
As a registered Children’s Nurse and Baby Pottying Coach, Rebecca is often asked to guest blog or speak on the radio or television about her expertise in Elimination Communication. If you would like Rebecca to speak at an event or discuss a media appearance please contact us.

What is a potty pause and how to overcome it
Just when you think you’ve got it cracked, your baby has other ideas! It’s very common and we can help. This video explains  a little bit about what to do if your baby is becoming resistant to using the potty, for further information please download our free Go Potty Guide or try our Potty Training courses.

Do you babywear and want to know the most convenient sling to use?
Nicola Lawson at the West Yorkshire Sling Library recommends the Ring Sling for a quick turnaround when out and about. Here’s a video where she explains how to get baby in and out safely. If you want some more tips on baby pottying when out of the house, download our free Go Potty Guide.

How to make your own no-sew Split Crotch Clothing for easy pottying

Rebeca is a trained seamstress and clothing designer. She created the Go Potty™ range of clothing for baby pottying and toilet training toddlers to help parents with Elimination Communication, but for parents who wish to make their own, she also created the Sew Potty™ range of sewing patterns and tutorials. For anyone who is not skilled at sewing, but can wield a pair of scissors, this video explains how to make your own no sew clothing for baby pottying.