Support Groups

Every family is different and as parents, we all have our own beliefs and ways of doing things. Whether your family practises Elimination Communication* or is beginning Potty Training, It’s great to be in touch with other parents who can identify with your journey. Our Support Groups can help you with both peer-to-peer support and give you access to Potty Learning Coaches like Rebecca.

International Support Group
Join our global community of parents who have come together to learn and support each other.

Local Support Group
If you live in Yorkshire or have had Private Coaching from Rebecca, you can also join our local support group. Make new friends, come to meetups or just ask questions when you need help or reassurance.

* Elimination communication is sometimes referred to as Baby Pottying, Potty Whispering, Potty Learning, Natural Infant Hygiene or EC. It all refers to the age-old practice of using the potty/toilet from birth rather than relying on nappies alone. You can learn more about the history of EC and the mythology surrounding its practice in Rebecca’s blog: The dangers of early potty training – do they really exist?