Potty Training Courses

Based on over 6 years of research and work with parents, In June 2020, Rebecca launched her Potty Training eLearning on the Little Bunny Bear eLearning platform.







What started with a series of free zoom webinars (which helped more than 20,000 parents around the world understand how to approach potty learning during the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown) became a comprehensive curriculum. Our mission is to provide parents and carers with a clear, effective potty training plan which is financially accessible to all.
Rebecca’s gentle approach is rooted in the science of child development and allows parents to work in true partnership with their children (and also with other childcare providers that may need to support the process.)

I’ve already started potty training and I’m having some trouble. Can you help?

Absolutely. Our Advanced Potty Training course has troubleshooting modules that offer comprehensive support to parents and carers who may have already begun their potty learning journey. You can also look through our Frequently Asked Questions section to find handy blogs, videos, infographics and other free resources.

I don’t know if I am ready to stop using nappies yet but I want to begin introducing the potty to my child:

That’s great! Children are born ready to begin learning potty skills and you can introduce the potty as early as birth. I did this with both my own children, catching their first-ever poos in the potty! If you are unsure why you should do this or how to go about it,  you can read my book The Baby Pottying Guide, or look at the Baby Pottying section on my website.

I am ready to stop using nappies and help my child work towards toilet independence:

We have two options for you. A FREE potty training course that provides a clear, effective potty training plan and all the tools you need to support your child to stop using nappies.
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Then we have our Incredible Advanced Potty Training Course. This provides you with:
– a clear, effective potty training plan for day and night time
– PLUS all the tools to tailor it to your child’s unique capabilities and temperament
– how to motivate your child
– how to handle accidents
– how to handle outings
– how to work in partnership with your childcare provider.

It includes a 23 page workbook, a comprehensive troubleshooting section, and the Little Bunny Bear supply list and exclusive discount codes. This unique course is child-led and research-evidence based, rooted in the science of child development.
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