Potty Training Courses

Based on over 6 years of research and work with parents, In June 2020, Rebecca launched her Potty Training eLearning on the Little Bunny Bear’s new eLearning platform .

What started with a series of free webinars which helped more than 20,000 parents around the world understand how to approach potty learning during the Covid-19 lockdown became a comprehensive curriculum.  Our Potty Training course provides parents with a clear, effective potty training plan and the tools to tailor it to each child’s unique capabilities and temperament. Rebecca’s gentle approach is rooted in the science of child development and allows parents to work in true partnership with their children.

What courses are available?

Get That Bot On The Pot
Our free 30-minute mini-course to help parents understand how and why to get started with potty training. Find out more or enroll here .

Potty Training eLearning
We recommend that you choose the Full Potty Training Course Bundle which gives you access to everything you will need to potty train your child, such as how to

  • Gently support your child through the potty training process (day and night time)
  • Tailor your approach according to your child’s temperament
  • Understand how to build your child’s independence
  • Learn how to motivate your child internally
  • Understand the best way to manage accidents
  • Learn how to handle outings
  • Understand how to work with your childcare provider
  • Learn how to solve all kinds of common and less common problems such as resistance, fear and regression using play therapy techniques and based on attachment parenting principles

Included is over 3 hours of audio and video materials structured in 11 easy to follow modules and the clear, in-depth downloadable potty training plan: a fantastic 22-page resource that you can personalise for your unique child. Our eLearning also offers real-time personalised guidance via a live monthly Q&A session with Rebecca – a private consultation worth £120!

Individual modules

For parents who have already started potty training, we also offer our  troubleshooting module and our naps and night time potty training module to be purchased individually.

Preview our course materials and watch an introduction by Rebecca.