Potty Training Reimagined: A Tailored Method for Every Child’s Pace

Why is it that some children breeze through potty training in a few days and others can take months or even years? Is there a way for parents to tell whether their child will struggle with potty training and is there an approach that will make it easier?
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Do disposable nappies make potty learning harder?

Living in the age that we do now should make parenting easier than for our ancestors, right? There are so many modern conveniences, and so many fabulous and innovative solutions available to us. But are they helping or hindering when it comes to potty learning?

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What parents can learn from The Mayan method

I recently read an article on Scary Mommy about how if children are empowered to engage with chores from birth, Mayan-style, households are much more equal and harmonious places. It made me hope that parents will apply this same logic to Potty Learning from birth.
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Is your child excluded from childcare/school because of a toileting/continence issue?

Are you worried that your child is due to be attending school when they are not yet toilet independent/potty trained? Or have you been told that their child can’t access childcare or attend school because of a toileting/continence issue? I’m here to help. Continue reading

Potty learning in partnership with your childcare provider

One of the most common concerns in our Facebook Group – Potty Learning Support (from birth to independence) – is how parents can prevent their childcare providers from what often feels like sabotaging their potty learning progress. So whether you are working with a well-meaning parent-in-law with different ideas about parenting or a nursery/daycare with unhelpful policies about potty learning, we are here to help you to work in partnership. Continue reading

What toys are best for using the potty?

Many kids enjoy playing when they sit on their potty and if done right, it can be a useful distraction as well as making potty time enjoyable and relaxing for your child. But not all toys are equal! Find out here our top potty toy recommendations and which to avoid. Continue reading

Why your child doesn’t seem ready for potty training and what to do about it

Are you looking for signs of ‘readiness’ so you can potty train? Did you know there are over 40 different skills involved in potty training and you can help your child to learn every single one!? If you want your child to be ready for potty training, here is what you need to do. Continue reading

Why your potty training method isn’t working

You will have heard of the 3-day method, the naked method, the child-led method etc. Although many of these approaches have their merits, there is one essential thing missing from nearly every single one: clinical evidence. You wouldn’t give medicine to your child that wasn’t tested properly or shown to be effective, so why would you rely on anything less than the best when it comes to the biggest milestone of childhood after walking? Continue reading