Little Bunny Bear’s Christmas Appeal in support of Zarach Leeds

“Many children are going to sleep hungry and cold without a proper bed of their own. Poverty is a real problem that has a significant effect on a child’s education.
By providing something to eat and a good night’s sleep, we hope to give every child an equal chance to learn and succeed at school.”
Bex Wilson, Project Leader at Zarach Leeds

As you may know, I work as a Children’s Research Nurse and Little Bunny Bear is a business that I created to support parents with something very close to my heart. This week I learned about another Bex who, like me, works full time (as an Assistant Head Teacher at a local school) and also wanted to use her passion to make a difference.

Here at Little Bunny Bear, we believe that businesses who succeed have a duty to help others. That’s why we’ve built charitable giving into our business. We donate 10% of all our profits to charity and at the end of the year, as I make the Little Bunny Bear Christmas donation, I believe that we are doing something meaningful and worthwhile to use our success to help others. This year we have chosen to donate to the charity started by Bex to help children in crisis. Here’s why we are supporting Zarach Leeds this Christmas and hope that you will too.

This morning I read this post on Facebook, a heartbreaking account from one of Zarach’s support workers who was shocked by the living conditions of one of the families they were nominated to help. They deliver beds, bedding, pyjamas and food donations and more to help make sure that these children in crisis can be warm and fed enough to sleep at night so they can concentrate at school and so their parents don’t have to choose, as they often do, between food or heating let alone by the basic essentials we take for granted like furniture and school uniforms.

It just breaks my heart to think that so many children are suffering. What a terrible world we live in where such unfairness can exist – the divide between the richest and poorest in the UK is particularly extreme. When I read stories like this I think about my own two children, and how privileged they are just to be fed, clothed and warm. We are close to Christmas, a time that for most of us involves excessive spending and I can think of no better cause than to donate to Zarach instead. Whatever you can give will make such a huge difference to them. It’s a truly incredible organisation.

As a wise person once said, “Our lives are measured not by gain but by giving.”

You can donate to Zarach Leeds via our Just Giving page, please share and help raise awareness. I know some of you choose to make charitable donations rather than buy Christmas cards – this would be a good cause to consider.

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Thank you. With love

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