FREE Resources for potty learning (baby pottying and potty training)

If you have joined my Facebook Group, Potty Learning Support (from Birth to Independence) you can access the Group Guides, a collection of learning resources created from our most frequently asked questions in the group. If you do not use Facebook (or find Guides hard to access via smartphone) we have replicated some of the content below for you. Just click the link to get to the answer.

What is Baby Pottying?

What is Potty Training?

What products help with Potty Learning?
Nappy Cloths (help children develop body awareness)
Nappy Belt System (help parents with quick potty transfers when baby pottying)
Split Pants (help children with quick potty transfers)
Puddle Pads (natural mattress protection)

How can I tell bad advice from good advice for Potty Training?

What are the 40 skills that my child needs to learn before they can be toilet independent?

What potty skills can I expect my child to be capable of at different ages?

How much water should my child drink? How can I encourage their fluid intake?

Is there a difference between Potty Training boys and girls?

Should I use rewards/sticker charts for Potty Training? How can I motivate my child to Potty Train?

When should I start nap/night time potty training?

Why is my child scared of the potty/toilet? How can I resolve fear of the potty/toilet?

How can I use Baby Signing to help with Potty Learning?

What do I need to know about Potty Training twins or multiple children?

How to Potty Train a child with SEND, disabilities, autism spectrum disorders?

How to Potty Train a child with a Sensory Processing Disorder?

What do I do if my child is poo-smearing?

How to teach consent via Potty Training

How to spot signs of abuse via Potty Training

How to tell if my child is constipated? What is constipation? How can I resolve constipation?

Why does my child insist on pooping in their nappy instead of the toilet? Why does my child hide to go poop? Why are they refusing the potty/toilet?

How can I help gently break my child’s strong attachment to pooping only in their nappy?

How can I get my childcare provider on board with my potty learning?

Our most effective resource for Baby Pottying is Rebecca Mottram’s book, The Baby Pottying Guide. Our most effective resource for Potty Training is Rebecca Mottram’s Advanced Potty Training course. You can also contact Rebecca Mottram for a Private Consultation.