Go Potty Mattress and Puddle Pads

What are puddle pads?
A puddle pad is a thick layer of specially prepared organic wool used to protect a mattress, floor, car seat or sling from urine or faeces. Essential for anyone practising Elimination Communication or during Potty Learning/Potty Training.
Why wool?
Wool is naturally highly water resistant. When liquid comes into contact with the fabric, it beads up on the surface where it can be soaked up using a cloth or towel, leaving the pad immediately clean and dry, with no need to wash!
Wool is naturally antibacterial, the lanolin reacts with urine in a chemical process to form salt, hence it won’t smell or harbour any bacteria. Any liquid absorbed into the fibres evaporates quickly, leaving no stain. If washing becomes necessary, it can be washed in the washing machine up to 30 degrees on a wool cycle, using wool-friendly detergent or by hand in lukewarm water. Pads should be air dried, to avoid shrinkage.
To get the best from your wool mattress protector, you can lanolise it. We use organic merino wool which is ultra soft and non-scratchy. So soft, it feels more like fleece than wool and can be used directly against bare skin. An organic baby mattress protector is therefore also a popular choice for people with eczema, allergies and sensory processing disorders.
Why Little Bunny Bear?
Our puddle pad (or mat) is 100% natural, 100% non toxic and biodegradable, unlike other commercially available plastic or vinyl mattress coverings. Our puddle pads also protect your baby from harmful mattress off-gas. Plus we donate 10% of every purchase to charity.
Little Bunny Bear Organic and repurposed mattress protectors / puddle pads are available via our Etsy shop.