Baby Pottying

What is Baby Pottying?

Baby Pottying is also known as Elimination Communication (EC), potty whispering, infant toileting, baby-led potty training or natural infant hygiene. It is the centuries-old practice of using an infant’s natural timing and cues to recognise elimination patterns and then holding your baby over a toilet or potty rather than using a nappy. It can be done from birth, some or all of the time.

Just like when your baby is hungry, tired or just needs a cuddle, you can learn to recognise when your baby needs to eliminate and you can use this knowledge to help them use a potty.

Why should you practise Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication has many benefits to your child, your finances and to the planet! Your baby was born with a strong natural instinct to be clean and dry. You can respond to this instinct by offering your baby a potty and helping your baby to maintain and develop their natural awareness. EC paves the way to an easier transition to independent toileting and deepens the connection you have with your baby. It can also help reduce colic and make breastfeeding easier.

How we can help
Little Bunny Bear specialise in ethically produced products and resources designed for nappy free babies and toilet training toddlers. Our founder Rebecca is a Registered Children’s Nurse, potty training coach, trained seamstress and clothing designer.

Rebecca created the Go Potty™ range of Puddle PadsNappy Belt Systems and Split-Crotch Trousers which you can order via our Etsy store or make your own using one of our Sew Potty™ sewing patterns.

You can also learn all about Elimination Communication from Rebecca by reading her Elimination Communication book, booking a private coaching session or joining a support group.