Private Consultations

Are you a gentle and loving parent who would like tailored support for potty training or elimination communication?

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I’m a children’s nurse, potty learning consultant and parent of two and I know that potty training doesn’t always run smoothly. I offer private consultations for all aspects of potty training, including really challenging potty training problems. I have supported thousands of parents like you to help their babies and toddlers reach toilet independence and overcome challenges such as:

  • Potty fear and anxiety
  • Potty resistance and refusal (including challenging behaviour)
  • Accidents and regression
  • Night time wetting
  • Holding and constipation
  • Learning disability, neurodiversity including autism.

A private consultation takes account of your particular situation and finds solutions tailored to your specific needs, unique child and your parenting style. Solving challenges like these means addressing the problem at two levels: the behaviour you see and the underlying causes. This means using practical, ‘in the moment’ strategies as well as considering developmental drivers and needs, your child’s unique temperament, age and stage. Most parents I support have children aged 0-5, but if your child is older do get in touch and I will see what I can do.

I use creative strategies and play-based approaches to help you work through the issues with your child, in accordance with your parenting ethos. This goes way beyond simple fixes such as reward/star charts etc, because research shows they are not effective tools for solving potty training challenges. Instead, I will help you work with your child in a way that respects their natural development and is in line with attachment parenting principles and the current research-evidence base around potty training. I will teach you gentle approaches to help you connect with your child and build your confidence.

A private consultation includes:

  • Around an hour of online consultation time with Rebecca to discuss needs and agree a plan
  • A written summary of your plan
  • Additional written materials to support you, depending on your problem
  • Letters to your child’s doctor, school and/or nursery, if needed.
  • An audio-recording of your consultation
  • Access to our e-learning consultation support package to compliment what we have focussed on in the session, night time potty training or to help you get started with potty training for a younger child.  See for more details.
One consultation is enough for most parents to have the tools they need to resolve the issue completely and I would anticipate seeing significant changes within 2 weeks.

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What will happen after I contact Rebecca?

Contacting me is the first step. Please put as much information as you can about your situation and when and how is the best way to contact you. Once I get your email I will contact you within 1-5 working days to arrange the consultation.

What will happen during the consultation?

Taking account of your needs, I will prepare a package of support for you. Consultations happen via a Zoom meeting (online) within which I will discuss and go through the plan with you.

What happens afterwards?

I will email you written notes from your session, along with a recording of your session which you can keep for your reference. I will also enrol you on the e-learning course if this is appropriate.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the support required. Generally, a consultation package costs £230. This factors in my preparation time, our consultation time (1 hour) and all the resources you will receive  as part of the package which includes:

*Full written plan
*Letter to the GP/school/nursery (if required)
*Additional written resources tailored to your needs
*Registration on my e learning platform
*Audio-recording of our session you can share with your partner, relatives or child’s nanny/childminder
*Short email queries until you complete your potty training journey).

Emergency (same day or next-day) consultations are available at an additional cost. Usually a single consultation is all that is required, depending on your circumstances. These details can be agreed during your initial discussion with me, depending on your needs.

How do I pay?

Depending on the package agreed, I usually send you an invoice directly after the session. Invoices are sent to the email address you have supplied. Payment is via direct bank transfer or PayPal and is required within 3 working days following your consultation.

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