About Little Bunny Bear

Why choose Little Bunny Bear?
Here at Little Bunny Bear we believe in ethical shopping for you and your baby that does not exploit people or the world’s resources.

 – Environmentally friendly fabric
We use 100% GOTS certified organic wool which is natural, biodegradable/compostable and non-toxic.

 – Environmentally friendly packaging
We use only recycled paper and card stock, printed locally. Each puddle pad comes wrapped in 100% biodegradable non-plastic packaging made from corn-starch.

 – 10% of every purchase donated to charity
We believe in giving back, so for every purchase you make from Little Bunny Bear, we contribute 10% to a worthy cause. We have supported Sue Ryder, Oxfam, The Salvation Army, Concern Worldwide, Save The Children, MOAS (Migrant Offshore and Station) and PAFRAS.
In 2019, our Christmas appeal was in aid of Zarach Leeds, you can find out why in our blog.



Rebecca Mottram writes books, blogs and produces other content to help parents and carers understand the benefits of Baby Pottying. She is the owner of Little Bunny Bear and designer of the Go Potty™ and Sew Potty™ ranges of products. She has two children, both of whom have used the potty from birth. She is a Go Diaper Free coach, trained seamstress, clothing designer and is a registered Children’s Nurse.


Lianne Marie supports Little Bunny Bear with PR and Marketing, fuelled by a passion for ethical business practices and loose leaf tea. She lives in Leeds with her husband, son and a lot of books.


Yat lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and 3 children. She’s always loved crafts and learned how to cross stitch and knit as a child before becoming a seamstress. She co-owns a craft business with her sister. You can see her website at www.sewganic.com and follow her on instagram on www.instagram.com/sewganic


Rachel lives on the Wirral, with her partner and their two wildling children. At the age of five her mother taught her the gift of sewing, helping her make a small quilt that is registered in the Georgia Quilt Project.  As she grew up she continued creative activities and once her son was born,  wanting to escape the blue sea of baby clothes she found in shops, she started Spider & Fly, where she vents her need for loud, colourful children’s clothes.

Angie FROM Komfi baby: Distributor

Angie and her husband Grigore live in Canada and practiced EC with their first baby from birth. When he was 5 months old they struggled to find underwear small enough for him so took inspiration from their knowledge of high quality Korean garment manufacture to develop a range of soft, stretchy, breathable underwear. Angie and Grigore now have two children and have built the company to develop a wonderful range of vegan EC clothing. Little Bunny Bear delivers all around the world but in Canada and North America, you can buy our split pants directly from Komfi Baby who now also manufacture split pants according to our pattern.