Go Potty Split Crotch Pants

What are split crotch pants?
Split crotch clothing makes pottying quick and easy. When you hold your baby over a potty, the clothing opens up at the crotch seam, allowing your baby to eliminate straight away without fussing with buttons, poppers or the need to remove any clothes. When they are not squatting, the discreet overlapping design keeps your baby warm and covered. Read on to find out more or shop now to go to ready-made and patterns in my Etsy Shop.

split crotch trousers

Wearing the right outfit makes a huge difference to baby pottying.
Babies who regularly use a potty are out of nappies much sooner than babies who don’t, and that’s good for everyone. When potty-friendly clothes are used, parents report fewer “misses”, they see their baby’s signals and cues clearer, and save a ton of washing.split crotch pants

Little Bunny Bear has spent over 4 years refining the design of our split crotch trousers and our range of clothing and sewing patterns are the only ones like it in the world. Better still? We support other work at home mums as part of our production process and we donate 10% of all profits to charity.

Split crotch pants can also be worn with a nappy, for those times when you just need a little extra back up, or when its cold. Check our special nappy belts here. 

split crotch pants