Nappy Cloths

What are nappy cloths?
Little soft cloths which are designed to be inserted into a disposable nappy to help prepare your child for potty training. Shop now.

Why are they necessary?
Whilst disposable nappies can be a useful choice for busy working parents, they do have one major drawback which makes potty training much harder. The way they wick away moisture actively prevents your child from feeling wet when they pee. Over time, using disposable nappies erodes the signals that your child would learn naturally from birth, so they don’t develop the body awareness which is necessary to one day be toilet independent.


Building body awareness is a key skill required before your child can successfully stop using nappies. To help your child make the connection to what their body is doing,  they must learn to feel wet when they pee.

Potty cloths will help you:
– Build your child’s body awareness
– Know when your child has done a wee

How to use the nappy cloth

If you use disposable nappies, simply add them during the preparation stage to help build body awareness. Not sure what the preparation stage means? You need my Potty Training course!

Once you begin using nappy cloths, your child may start telling you when they have done a wee and need a cloth/nappy change. Change the cloth as soon as your child has wet it, to avoid nappy rash, and then follow my Potty Training course to help you to move onto the next stage – teaching them to pee in the potty/toilet instead of a nappy.