Sew Potty™ Sewing Patterns

For parents who would prefer to make their own elimination communication clothing, rather than buy, Little Bunny Bear offer Sewing Patterns for our Split Crotch Trousers, Leg Warmers and Nappy Belt System.




All the patterns are for beginners and each pattern comes with its own detailed tutorial to help you sew beautiful, handcrafted clothing that will last for years. The patterns are cleverly designed to fit your baby from birth to potty independence (up to 4 years old.) Some of the patterns can be customised to your own style, so you can make them truly unique and if like us, you are passionate about recycling, our upcycling guide will show you how to use repurposed fabrics.

DIY Split-Crotch Trousers
Split crotch trousers make pottying quick and easy. When you hold your baby over a potty, the clothing opens up at the crotch seam, allowing your baby to eliminate straight away without fussing with buttons, poppers or the need to remove any clothes. When they are not squatting, the discreet overlapping design keeps your baby warm and covered. Learn more about how split-crotch trousers work.

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DIY Leg Warmers
Whether it’s too hot for split crotch trousers or too cold to just wear a nappy belt, our leg warmers have got you covered!








DIY Nappy belt System
Designed to be used on its own, or to fit with our Split-Crotch trousers, our nappy belt system is a soft elasticated belt which fastens with velcro around your baby’s waist. You tuck a cloth into the front and back and the belt keeps the cloth in place. When you need to offer the potty, you can simply untuck the cloth from the front or back and If you need to change the cloth, you can do this without removing the belt, which makes it the ideal minimal nappy system for EC and nappy free time.

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