Little Bunny Bear are publishing two guides on Amazon this year to support parents as they teach their children how to go potty*.

The Baby Pottying Guide
(a multimedia guide to baby-led potting from birth to 18 months)
– The Potty Training Guide (coming soon)
(a multimedia guide to potty training for toddlers aged 18m+)

These practical, evidence-based guides include detailed explanations, images, videos and links to research evidence that will support you to potty your baby from birth to independence. Based on attachment parenting principles and rooted in the science of child development, each guide gives you the what, why and how-to to support you on your journey.

* the age-old practice of teaching a child to use a potty/toilet rather than a nappy is sometimes referred to as elimination communication, potty whispering, potty learning, natural infant hygiene or baby pottying. You can learn more from parents who do this via our support groups.