About Little Bunny Bear

Here at Little Bunny Bear we believe in ethical shopping for you and your baby that does not exploit people or the world’s resources.
 – Environmentally friendly fabric
We use 100% GOTS certified organic wool which is natural, biodegradable/compostable and non-toxic.
 – Environmentally friendly packaging
We use only recycled paper and card stock, printed locally. Each puddle pad comes wrapped in 100% biodegradable non-plastic packaging made from corn-starch.
 – 10% of every purchase donated to charity
We believe in giving back, so for every purchase you make from Little Bunny Bear, we contribute 10% to one of the following worthy causes:
Sue Ryder, Oxfam, The Salvation Army, Concern Worldwide, Save The Children, MOAS (Migrant Offshore and Station) and PAFRAS.

About Rebecca
Rebecca Mottram is a potty blogger, owner of Little Bunny Bear and designer of the Go Potty range of products. She has two children, both of whom have used potty from birth. She is a trained seamstress, clothing designer, certified potty training specialist and is a registered Children’s Nurse.