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POTTY TRAINING from 18 months+

Did you know that before disposables became the norm in the late 1950’s, over 90% of children were potty trained by 18 months? And that globally,  over 50% of the worlds babies are potty trained by 12 months? In the UK and North America we have somewhat lost this knowledge and so potty training can be hard because we don’t always where to start, especially with younger children.

The capability of our children has not changed in the last 50 years, but the knowledge that was common place has mostly gone from our communities, replaced by the concept of “readiness”. But what if I told you that you don’t have to “wait for readiness”? That the concept itself was created by disposable nappy companies to help sell their product for longer? The truth is that by the time your child is 18 months, they are developmentally and emotional ready to potty train and leave nappies behind, whether or not they have used a potty before. Potty training earlier also responds to your child’s innate need for mastery.  It promotes a child’s blossoming need for independence and can be done gently, honouring your child in the process.

The recommended age to potty train is actually from 18 months and this is supported by good scientific evidence. Most parents who follow the gentle non-coercive method I teach find that their babies are potty trained in around 7 days or less.

Gentle, quick, simple. 


Potty training should be led by the parent, not falling on the child’s shoulders to decide “when” to train (because we put them into nappies, we also get to decide when to take them out of them). And you do not need sticker charts, rewards, or bribery to complete it…or force and

In my classes or 1-2-1 consultations this class I teach  the basics of potty training your little one, including how and when to begin, what you’ll need, and how to finish. Whether you have attempted potty training or are at the beginning of your journey, learning how to go about it will give you the confidence to help your toddler develop mastery of this important milestone.

You can read dates for my classes (all held in Mothercare, Leeds) below, or you can book a private consultation with me in person if you are local to Leeds or over Skype/Facetime if you are further away.

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Potty Training classes in Leeds

Potty Masters: Non-coercive potty training for toddlers aged 18-36 months

I teach the gentle method developed by Andrea Olson (Go Diaper Free).  Learn more via the Classes 2018 page.

Worried ‘early’ potty training will harm your baby? Read my evidence based article here to dispel common myths.

I’m a potty training coach!

Alongside my classes I teach baby pottying (elimination communication) for babies 0-18m. I am a Registered Children’s Nurse and I have two children, both of whom used a potty from birth and were done with nappies by 18m and 16m respectively. Over the years, I have used my passion and enthusiasm to support countless parents via classes, 1-2-1 sessions and our local meet-ups held in Yorkshire, UK.


Dealing with a pooey nappy has to be one of the least enchanting aspects of being a new parent, right? Did you know that like you, babies also have a very strong instinct to be clean and dry? What if I told you that in the same way that you respond to your baby’s hunger cries, or his need for comfort or sleep, you can respond to your baby’s elimination needs? And that this is what humans have been doing for 200,000 years before nappies were the norm? You can begin teaching your baby the potty or toilet as early as birth.

Using a potty instead of a nappy, even just some of the time, has many benefits for you and your baby, as well as the planet. Part-time is OK and you can use nappies too. Your baby can be toilet independent by 18 months of age without having to potty train. It’s easier than you think.

I teach a gentle method  developed by Andrea Olson (Go Diaper Free), which will enable you to recognise and respond to your baby’s elimination needs.  Potty learning from birth is also known as  “elimination communication” or EC, or baby pottying. learn how to EC

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If you can’t make the classes or you would like a tailored session to address a particular stage or perhaps troubleshoot a potty-related problem, you can book me for a personal session via FaceTime or Skype, or if you are local, in your home. To arrange this, please contact me via our Private Coaching page or via the Little Bunny Bear Facebook page.potty training coach