About the classes

POOEY NAPPIES: the least enchanting aspect of life with a new baby, right? They also get pretty grim the older your child gets.

What if I told you that there was another option? That in the same way that you respond to your baby’s hunger cries, or their need for comfort or sleep, you can also respond to their elimination needs? And that from 18 months, you can ditch nappies altogether and teach your child how to use a potty or toilet full time (also known as POTTY TRAINING)?

Little Bunny Bear teaches classes at Tiny Boo, Headingley for parents.

Why attend a class?

Baby pottying and potty training are both a skill. These days, especially when it comes to potty training, parents need guidance and support. When you attend a class, you get both those things and can start your journey prepared and confident.

What is a class like? 

Classes are for parents and are 1.5 hour long. They are led by Rebecca who teaches a non-coercive, gentle method that supports you and your children to work in harmony to achieve your goals. Rebecca is a registered Children’s Nurse, experienced potty training coach and parent of two babies who both used a potty from birth.  

See our class schedule.

What have parents said about the classes?

“I wish with all my heart that I had known about Little Bunny Bear when I was pregnant. I would definitely have practised EC from birth instead of just using her advice for older children. Rebecca is so incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring and offers wonderful resources.”

“Can’t recommend the class enough, started reading the book last night to clarify a few things and it’s a really simple friendly easy read.”

“On day three of no more nappies and we’ve gone an entire day with no accidents! Even went out to a playgroup and to the park. The Potty Masters Workshop really gave us the confidence we needed to go nappy free for good

I had a great time! Very informative, clearly explained and interesting. I’m keen to start the preparation stage with my 10 month old. Thanks Rebecca

“Loved the class today and feeling excited to get started with potty training over the summer”.

“Rebecca was knowledgeable and informative and we both really enjoyed the class. It was good value for money with all the basics covered in the session and helped me understand that EC isn’t about wee everywhere! It gave us a good practical starting point and we both feel more confident about embarking on our EC journey thanks to Rebecca’s friendly and helpful approach. Can recommend!”

Join our online community
When you’re doing something as amazing as baby pottying, it’s great to be in touch with other parents who can identify with your journey and learn and support each other.. That’s why when you join us we make sure to put you in touch with a real community of parents who have come together to learn and support each other.

Can’t attend a class? 
As beneficial as our classes and support groups are for parents, some people just need a little extra. Private consultations can offer a tailored approach to your specific needs, or perhaps for a particular stage of development. They are also a great way to address a potty-related problem.

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