Product care

Wool care / looking after your wool products is an important way to get the most out of them, especially in terms of keeping them waterproof, which is important if you are using them as a elimination communication puddle pad or as a mattress protector.

Wool things need a little extra love compared to other fabrics, but treat it kindly and it will last a lifetime.  Wool only needs washing when your nose tells you its time – usually after 5-10 wettings (or straight away after a soiling). It will work fine without being lanolised, but will stay fresher for longer if you do lanolise it. For lanolising instructions, see my blog piece, or google.

Puddle Pads (recycled wool care) 

DIY wool puddle pad

Recycled wool is lightly felted which means it is unlikely to shrink if you wash it in the washing machine on a wool wash at 30 degrees. Avoid washing it hot and hand wash is also fine.  Iron on wool setting with or without steam. Don’t tumble dry.

Puddle pads (organic wool care)

wool care organic puddle pad organic mattress protector

A little more delicate than recycled wool as it has not been felted and will shrink if washed too hot. Shrinking will not affect the function in any way, but it will be smaller and denser and if you do accidentally shrink it. To avoid shrinkage, wash in cool water, by hand, if you can. Alternatively, you can wash it in a machine on a gentle wool cycle up to 30 degrees.

Most people comment that after first wash the wool is less fluffy. It still works just the same. They are made slightly larger than the listing states, to account for the slight shrinkage that occurs on first wash. Reshape whilst damp, do not tumble dry, iron on wool setting without steam.

Organic wool releases some fluff before it is first washed. This is harmless and will disappear after washing.

Wool care: Nappy Inserts

Amazing at staying fresh, even after multiple wettings, they do need washing eventually or in the case of an accidental soiling. These inserts are prone to shrink if you pop them in the washing machine – so don’t. Wash by hand in warm (not hot) water and lanolise regularly to keep smelling fresh. Don’t tumble dry.

If you do accidentally shrink them, they will still work, but they will be smaller and misshaped.

Wool care: Split Crotch Pants

Wash by hand, warm (not hot) water and dry flat. Lanolising them will keep them fresher for longer. Too much lanolin will make them sticky but if this happens don’t worry, it will eventually be absorbed or you can rinse them. They can be ironed with or without steam. No tumble dry.

Cotton topped wool mats

Wash by hand or in machine on gentle cool cycle. You can lanolise them but remember that cotton does not have the same properties as wool so will smell if it gets wet.

The wool in these items is generally felted, but they are still prone to shrinkage if washed hot. Also, do not tumble dry as this will shrink them. Iron with or without steam.

Cotton split pants

Wash as usual in the machine, up to 40 degrees. Can be tumble dried.


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