What to do when your child refuses to go potty

Have you ever asked your child to use the potty/toilet only to get “no!” in response? Perhaps your child has a full-blown meltdown, including screaming, aggression and tears? Or perhaps they try negotiating, bargaining, procrastination or ignore you completely? Refusal or resistance is one of the most challenging problems you can encounter when potty training, but don’t worry – there are options to resolve this. Continue reading

Learning potty skills for children with sensory issues

We experience life through our five senses and our brains process a massive amount of sensory information every day. For neurodivergent children (with sensory processing or autistic spectrum disorders) who cannot filter out some of the sensory information they receive, potty learning can be an overwhelming experience. So what should parents know to support children through this developmental milestone?
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Potty training your neurodivergent child: 10 tips for success

What’s the best way to approach potty training a neurodivergent child (with developmental delay, learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders?) What about children who struggle to communicate or are non-verbal? Should you use a different process or follow mainstream potty training approaches? This blog explores the answers to these important questions. Continue reading