What parents can learn from The Mayan method

I recently read an article on Scary Mommy about how if children are empowered to engage with chores from birth, Mayan-style, households are much more equal and harmonious places. It made me hope that parents will apply this same logic to Potty Learning from birth.
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Why your child doesn’t seem ready for potty training and what to do about it

Are you looking for signs of ‘readiness’ so you can potty train? Did you know there are over 40 different skills involved in potty training and you can help your child to learn every single one!? If you want your child to be ready for potty training, here is what you need to do. Continue reading

Why your potty training method isn’t working

You will have heard of the 3-day method, the naked method, the child-led method etc. Although many of these approaches have their merits, there is one essential thing missing from nearly every single one: clinical evidence. You wouldn’t give medicine to your child that wasn’t tested properly or shown to be effective, so why would you rely on anything less than the best when it comes to the biggest milestone of childhood after walking? Continue reading

Fear of the toilet & 5 ways to tackle it

Some children are terrified of using the potty or the toilet. Parents from all around the world come to me, struggling to understand what they can do to resolve what can often seem like a completely irrational fear.

Whatever has led to this situation, here are 5 gentle solutions that can get your child back on track with their potty learning journey. So take a deep breath, let go of that frustration, don’t go spending your money on sticker charts or talking potties, we’ve got you.

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Is buying a ‘smart nappy’ really such a clever idea?

I read Arwa Mahdawi’s recent Guardian column ‘Is buying a ‘smart nappy’ really such a clever idea?‘ with interest. It is hard to believe that the best efforts to improve disposable nappies have resulted in the direction taken by the Pampers Lumi. Here’s why baby pottying is a better idea.
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Netflix, we need to talk about Orange Is The New Black

Dear Netflix,

We don’t need to tell you how important representation is, as entertainment platforms go, you’re usually pretty awesome at producing content that celebrates diversity and raises consciousness. But we really have to talk about your portrayal of Cal and Neri encouraging their baby to poo in a sink in the last series of Orange Is The New Black.

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