What parents can learn from The Mayan method

I recently read an article on Scary Mommy about how if children are empowered to engage with chores from birth, Mayan-style, households are much more equal and harmonious places. It made me hope that parents will apply this same logic to Potty Learning from birth.
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Potty learning in partnership with your childcare provider

One of the most common concerns in our Facebook Group – Potty Learning Support (from birth to independence) – is how parents can prevent their childcare providers from what often feels like sabotaging their potty learning progress. So whether you are working with a well-meaning parent-in-law with different ideas about parenting or a nursery/daycare with unhelpful policies about potty learning, we are here to help you to work in partnership. Continue reading

What toys are best for using the potty?

Many kids enjoy playing when they sit on their potty and if done right, it can be a useful distraction as well as making potty time enjoyable and relaxing for your child. But not all toys are equal! Find out here our top potty toy recommendations and which to avoid. Continue reading

The 3 most important things influencing your toddler and how you can use them to successfully potty train

Between the ages of 0-5 years, children are driven by 3 key developmental goals: 1. Pleasing you and receiving your praise and approval, 2. Growing up and, 3. Being able to do things on their own. These powerful drivers are influencing your child’s interactions, preferences, relationships, choices, identity, self-esteem and basically everything in between. Knowing how to tap into these drivers can make potty training an easier and more positive experience for you. Here’s how. Continue reading

How to talk to other parents about Baby Pottying

There are so many different ways to parent that chances are, part of your experience will involve explaining your parenting choices to someone else. Due to the power of advertising by nappy companies, helping your baby to use the potty before they are well into their toddler years is no longer the norm in our culture. As a result, you might encounter at best curiosity and at worst concern from your partner, friends or family. (or if you are a celebrity – from the mainstream media!) Don’t worry – we can help you to navigate this.

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How prepared is your child to stop using nappies?

Have you noticed the difference good preparation makes when it comes to transitioning your child from one activity to another? There are fewer tantrums and more co-operation. Good preparation is also at the heart of ensuring a good transition between nappies and no nappies and helps you and your child work in partnership when potty training. Here’s how to achieve it.
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Potty training your neurodivergent child: 10 tips for success

What’s the best way to approach potty training a neurodivergent child (with developmental delay, learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders?) What about children who struggle to communicate or are non-verbal? Should you use a different process or follow mainstream potty training approaches? This blog explores the answers to these important questions. Continue reading