Go Potty Sewing Patterns

Little Bunny Bear is the world leader in DIY split-crotch sewing patterns which you can download and print out at home. Every pattern is designed to help you achieve pottying success and they can all be used with or without nappy  back up. We also offer a Sew Potty Nappy Belt pattern which makes the ideal minimal nappy system for EC and nappy free time. 


Learn more about how split-crotch trousers work.

All the patterns are for beginners and each pattern comes with its own detailed tutorial to help you sew beautiful, handcrafted clothing that will last for years. The patterns are cleverly designed to fit your baby from birth to potty independence, up to 4 years old. Some of the patterns can be customised to your own style, so you can make them your own.

Here at Little Bunny Bear, we are passionate about recycling, which is why all the DIY split crotch trousers can be made using repurposed fabrics. Every pattern comes with an upcycling guide to help you make truly unique items.

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