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Fabric: Natural wool felt, heavy duty (repurposed), wool with mixed fibres. Excellent water resistance. A rare find.
SIZE: standard but wide, 25 x28"" (64x70cm) single layer extra thick.
Colour: Pebble grey

An absolute essential item for every baby. This 100% natural pad will help protect your mattress, changing pad, lap or other soft-furnishings clean and dry from all kinds of liquid leaks e,g, nappy leaks, milk etc. Save time and money washing thanks to wool’s AMAZING antibacterial and liquid-repelling properties.

Great for EC, leaky nappies, breastfeeding and potty learning toddlers, wool is known to give the safest natural protection. Features:

*Machine washable for easy care
*Fast drying
*Suitable from birth
*Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, temperature regulating and flame-resistant
*Plastic, latex and chemical free
*Absorbs up to 40% if it’s own weight in liquid and still feels dry
*TRUTH: it does not need washing after each wetting;simply air dry and reuse. The natural lanolin of wool reacts with urine to produce water and salt- hence it won’t smell!
*Suitable for lanolising, which will increase it’s antibacterial and absorbent properties.

How to use it:
This pad *can* be used directly against the skin but many people will find wool felt texture too scratchy. In this case, you can use it underneath a sheet or other covering.

Put it where it’s needed , doesn’t need to cover the whole surface. Use it:

*Under or over sheets as a mattress protector in crib, cot or cot bed
*In family bed for night time breastfeeding or under mum for leaking breasts
*Nappy free time
*Natural changing pad/mat

Looking for an organic wool? see listing

How is it made?
Sweatshop free and ethically manufactured in the UK, the wool is sourced from a local charity sale. It is cleaned, hand-cut to size, quilted together and finished with a trendy edging to give it extra durability for everyday use.

What about washing and care?
Wool requires very little washing or laundry, but you can wash this mat in a washing machine up to 40 degrees. It prefers a gentle cycle and can be spun and ironed. It will dry quickly hung or laid flat.

Did you know?
Little Bunny Bear is green and ethical. All fabrics are sourced from charity shops or local businesses, supporting recycling as well as independent businesses, and giving back to the community. I avoid plastic wherever possible, selecting recycled packaging and considering the environment at every choice. So your support and purchases make a difference!

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