Organic mattress protector / puddle pad

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Colour : Nature / Ecru
standard / regular : 50x75cm (19×29″) good for older baby, cot, play mat, changing mat

This 100% organic natural wool pad help will keep your mattress, changing space, lap or other soft-furnishings clean and dry from all kinds of liquid leaks. Used under a sheet, it is thick enough as a single layer to provide adequate protection against wetness for children of all ages from newborn to toddler and beyond. You can also use it as a nappy-free pad for elimination communication and because it does not need washing after a urine leak it will save you washing.

It is made from 100% GOTS certified ORGANIC wool which is beautifully soft to the touch – the ONLY 100% wool puddle pad available that feels like fleece and is so soft it can be used directly against babies skin without causing irritation.

Also available in charcoal colour and in other sizes (see my other listings):

You can learn more and watch a demo video of a littlebunybear puddle pad here:

About this fabric: This amazing fabric is hand sheared and not treated with pesticides. Made from 100% finest organic virgin wool (GOTS) from Argentina and spun in France, it is then hand-cut to size and finished with an overlocked edge for durability and strength. Suitable for lanolising.

Please note that before you first wash this pad, it may shed slightly. This is harmless and will stop after washing. The first wash will also shrink the pad very slightly, and reduce fluffiness. This will not affect the pads function of softness in any way.

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Did you know?
Little Bunny Bear donates 10% of the value of each item to charity. Through upcycling, Little Bunny Bear also generates income for charities and local independent businesses, thereby giving back to the community. I avoid plastic wherever possible, selecting recycled packaging and considering the environment at every choice. So your support and purchases make a difference!

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2 thoughts on “Organic mattress protector / puddle pad

  1. Liz says:

    Brilliant for EC. Gave me the confidence to try nappy free at night and for naps without the worry of destroying the mattress. This in turn has actually resulted in a happier baby and less misses overall as I’m not watching him like a hawk in fear of a wet bed all the time. Great quality and the lady who makes these was very helpful when I had questions about lanolising after I bought the product. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

    • littlebunnybear says:

      Thank you Liz, I am really pleased you have been able to increase your catches using the puddle pad. Thank you for coming back and leaving me your message – I am always so happy when i get a lovely comment like this.

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