Large Wool puddle pad, mattress protector for bed, floor, for potty training, elimination communication



Colour : Natural Undyed wool

Large (100×75) Good as play/floor mat or larger puddle pad, toddler sleep pad, bed pad, under sheet in single or double or family bed where child sleeps.

This 100% eco wool pad help will keep your mattress, changing space, lap or other soft-furnishings clean and dry from all kinds of liquid leaks. Used under a sheet, it is thick enough as a single layer to provide adequate protection against wetness for children of all ages from newborn to toddler and beyond. You can also use it as a nappy-free pad for elimination communication and because it does not need washing after a urine leak it will save you washing.

It is made from 100% locally sourced eco- wool which is thick and highly water resistant.

You can learn more and watch a demo video of a littlebunybear puddle pad here:

About this fabric: This amazingly thick and dense wool fabric is completely undyed and not treated with chemicals. It does contain some dark fibres which are characteristic of its natural nature. The fabric is sourced locally in Yorkshire where I then hand-cut to size and finish with an overlocked edge for durability and strength. Suitable for lanolising.

Please note that the first wash may shrink the pad very slightly and increase fluffiness. This will not affect the pads function in any way.

Looking for other sizes? See my other listings for: Small (38 x 50 cm (14.5 x 20") good for small baby, crib, bassinet, seat pad
Standard (50x75cm)
Small (38 x 50cm)

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Did you know?
Little Bunny Bear donates 10% of the value of each item to charity. Through upcycling, Little Bunny Bear also generates income for charities and local independent businesses, thereby giving back to the community. I avoid plastic wherever possible, selecting recycled packaging and considering the environment at every choice. So your support and purchases make a difference!

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