DIY Nappy Belt Sewing pattern and tutorial



Make your own adjustable nappy belt at home with this easy to sew template and tutorial. Suitable for almost any fabric. Instant PDF download straight to your Etsy inbox.

Very easy to sew – takes less than an hour for even a beginner sewer.

Unlike other nappy belts, Little Bunny Bear’s design opens up as well as adjusts to fit your baby. This makes putting on and off easy. The button feature allows you adjust the belt to your babys waist and also allows you to remove the belt easily. One size fits from newborn to around 3 or even 4 years.

*Print at home pattern and tutorial
*Print on US or UK A4 paper

A simple and cost-effective solution for quick pottying (elimination communication), the belt sits on your babys waist to hold a prefold, muslin or other soaker pad in place. No pins, poppers or fasteners are needed. When your baby needs to use a potty, just untuck the cloth from the front or back, then replace afterwards. If a waterproof layer is needed, a nappy cover can be used over the top. They can be worn with open crotch baby tights or split crotch trousers. Visit my Etsy shop for handmade items to go with this product:

Nappy belts are great for baby pottying (elimination communication) because not only can you offer a pottytunity quickly, you can also identify quickly when your baby has eliminated without the worry of accidental spills on the floor. They are also great for oder children who are starting potty training as the system provides much better absorbency than most training pants whilst being cost effective and simple to use.

Size to fit waists 30-45 cm (12-19 inches)


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