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baby mattress protector
For good sleep

A baby mattress protector is an essential item. However, most are plastic based (e.g.PUL, EVA) and therefore potentially toxic.  Here at Little Bunny Bear, we prefer to trust mother nature when it comes to anything we put near our babies skin, and especially where they sleep. That’s why we developed a 100% non-toxic, naturally waterproof, organic baby mattress protector.

organic baby mattress protector
Placed under the bedsheets, an organic baby mattress protector from Little Bunny Bear provides a naturally waterproof, hypoallergenic and breathable layer. These clever little pads can  also be used as a waterproof “puddle pad” for pottying (elimination communication), bedwetting and potty training as well as sleeping.

So, how do they work?

These clever little pads pads (or mats) are made from a thick layer of organic wool which is highly water resistant. When liquid comes into contact with the fabric, it beads up on the surface where it  can be soaked up using a cloth or towel, leaving the pad immediately clean and dry.  Liquid left on the pad is gradually absorbed and held in the wool without feeling cold or clammy, or passing through to the mattress underneath. Watch:

Unlike other wool mattress protectors, a Little Bunny Bear organic baby mattress protector is ultra soft and non-scratchy. So soft, it feels more like fleece than wool and can be used directly against the skin. An organic baby mattress protector is therefore also a popular choice for people with eczema or allergies.

Organic and repurposed wool pads are available to purchase via my Etsy shop – shop now. 

No washing? What?!!

When used as a “puddle pad” to catch urine when nappy free or potty training, the lanolin reacts with urine in a chemical process to form salt, hence it won’t smell or harbour any bacteria. Any liquid absorbed into the fibres evaporates to leave no stain. After a wetting, the pad can simply be air dried and used again. In this way, they save a lot on washing, especially when you are stopping using nappies at night. You can read more about the amazingness of wool in my blog post here.


organic baby mattress protector
Crib, cot and bed sizes

Little Bunny Bear’s organic baby mattress protector comes in three standard sizes – crib (38 x 50cm), cot (50x70cm) or toddler/family bed (100×75 cm).  These sizes have been created specifically to protect your baby’s or your adult bed mattress without being bulky or cumbersome to clean and dry.

They are sized and designed without straps or fixings so that they can quickly and easily be removed and replaced. The natural friction of the wool fabric will stop it sliding about as your baby sleeps, no matter how much they wriggle.


Care of your organic baby mattress protector

organic baby mattress protector wool puddle padWool requires very little washing, but when washing becomes necessary, it can be washed in the washing machine up to 30 degrees on a wool cycle, using wool-friendly detergent. Of course, it can also be washed by hand in luke warm water. Pads should be air dried, to avoid shrinkage. To get the best from your wool mattress protector, you can lanolise it.


How they’re made

Sweatshop free and handmade in the UK, the wool fabric is ethically souced to help you make responsible shopping choices. 100% GOTS certified organic, as soft as fleece and completely gorgeous in every way, it is hand-cut to size and finished with a neat and flexible edging to give it extra durability for everyday use. All this is done by me at home.


Giving back
Elimination communication EC clothing

Little Bunny Bear donates 10% of all profits to charity. This should make you feel pretty good about buying from Little Bunny Bear and thereby supporting ethical business practice!



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