Free Go Potty Guide: How to EC your baby

Do you want to learn more about how to help your baby use the potty from birth (or up to the age of 18 months?)

Download our FREE guide to find out:

– What is Elimination Communication, why should you do it and what age can you start?
– Knowing when to potty
– How to hold a young baby or help an older baby use a potty
– How to avoid mess when nappy free (and why you should do nappy free time)
– Using nappies when your baby goes potty
– What the best nappy is for baby pottying
– What your baby should wear
– EC and night, when feeding, and out and about
– The potty pause and how to get back on track when pottying stops working
– Useful products

If your baby is 18m or older, it could be time to try potty training. Here’s how I can help!