Free Go Potty Guide: How to EC your baby

Our FREE Go Potty Guide has now been replaced by an excerpt from Rebecca’s book.

You can now download this FREE excerpt from our Baby Pottying eGuide: a multimedia guide to baby pottying from birth to 18m. If your baby is 18m or older, it could be time to try potty training. Here’s how I can help!








Do you want to learn more about how to help your baby use the potty from birth (or up to the age of 18 months?)

This practical, evidence-based guide by Rebecca Mottram of Little Bunny Bear includes detailed explanations, images, videos and links to research evidence that will support you to potty your baby from birth to 18 months. Based on attachment parenting principles and rooted in the science of child development, this guide will teach you how to practise Elimination Communication (baby pottying) in Rebecca’s down-to-earth, flexible style that suits any type of family circumstances – part-time, full-time and with or without also using nappies.

The guide is for parents, caregivers and other people involved in looking after your baby. It covers all the essentials including:

•  What is baby pottying
•  When and how to start – a step by step guide
•  How to learn, interpret and respond to your baby’s signals
•  How to potty part-time, when out and about and at night-time
•  How to overcome common problems
•  How to prepare your baby for independence from nappies

Presented via descriptions, videos and images, the guide is perfect for busy parents who don’t have time or inclination to read a whole book and instead need the essential information in an easy to access format.

*About The Author*

Rebecca Mottram is one of the leading experts in Potty Learning. She works in the NHS as a paediatric research nurse and is on the Professional Advisory Committee for ERIC, the Bladder and Bowel Charity. She writes books, blogs, consults, teaches classes, and produces other content to help parents and carers understand the science of potty learning in order to support their toddlers through the major childhood milestone of becoming toilet independent. Both her children used the potty from birth.

Rebecca is the founder of, an evidence-based resource for parents and carers on all aspects of potty learning – from Baby Pottying (aka Elimination Communication) to reaching Toilet Independence (aka Potty Training). She also administers the Potty Learning Support (from birth to independence) group on Facebook which helps parents to understand the importance of introducing the potty before the age of 18 months and tackles misconceptions about child development and children’s potty learning capabilities.

Rebecca is the author of The Baby Pottying Guide and the designer of the Go Potty™ and Sew Potty™ ranges of products for potty learning. Her Advanced Potty Training course provides parents with a clear, effective potty training plan and the tools to tailor it to each child’s unique capabilities and temperament. Her gentle approach is rooted in the science of child development and allows parents to work in true partnership with their children.