Product FAQ’s:

These FAQ’s are also answered in my shop. If you have any queries not covered here please feel free to convo me via the shop.

Q: Are puddle pads pre-lanolised?
A: No. Find out how here.

Q: Which size puddle pad is best for me?

A: The puddle pad only needs to cover the area where the baby might wet, therefore they dont need to be the size of the whole mattress. Smaller pads can be used in seats, or as changing mats. Larger pads can also be used as play mats, baby massage or yoga mats.

Q: Should I buy single or double layer?

A: Single layer (large or small) are usually best for younger babies, or for use as a mattress protector under the bedsheet. Double layer pads are best for older children or babies who have larger urine output, since the two layers give the best protection against liquids.
Little Bunny Bear’s organic wool pads are suitable as a single layer for all ages.

Q. Organic or repurposed wool puddle pad?

A: Organic puddle pads are super soft and can be used directly against babies skin. This makes them the best option for situations where you want to lie your baby directly on the pad without a cover sheet, such as when you are using the pad for nappy free time, as a play mat, changing pad or in bed for night time EC and breastfeeding.  Repurposed wool can be irritating to the skin for some people – it depends how sensitive you are – but I recommend that for use in a bed they be placed underneat the bed sheet. This will protect your mattress. Some repurposed pads are very soft, and if they can be used against the skin it will say this in the listing itself.

Q: How do I wash a Little Bunny Bear Wool Puddle pad?

A: All the wool pads in my shop (organic and repurposed) can be washed in the washing machine on a wool cycle, or by hand. A gentle wool detergent is recommended and washing at 30 degrees is important to avoid shrinkage.
Remember, you will only need to wash it if it is soiled or once it starts to smell – since wools natural properties will mean it can go through several wettings without needing a wash. You can read more about how wool works here.

 Q. Which brand of lanolin do you recommend?

A. I love Sheepish Grins Lanolin which you can buy for around £12. Solid lanolin also has the advantage of being non-diluted in other fats, so you get more for your money. Liquid lanolin, I like Disana. But there are plenty of brands available and as long as they are 100% lanolin it will work fine. You can also use Lansinoh.

Q. Do I have to lanolise my pad?

A. No, but doing so will help it work to its best. Lanolin (originally on the sheep) is nature’s way of waterproofing wool and will really help keep your item leak-proof and fresh-smelling. In small amounts it will moisturize and soften wool, in bigger amounts it will repel water. It will mean you do not need to wash it after each wetting, which will save you time and money. You can learn how to lanolise your pad here.

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