Why choose Little Bunny Bear?

baby mattress protectorHere at Little Bunny Bear, we believe in ethical shopping and giving back. We also help you choose the best for your baby and the planet.

Little Bunny Bear believes that it is important not to exploit the worlds resources or people for our own gain. This means we choose  environmentally friendly fabrics and packaging, and ensure fair pay for production. We are also passionate about recycling and upcycling, making use of things that may otherwise go to waste.

Our designs are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet your needs, whether you potty full-time or part-time, use nappies or go nappy free. Little Bunny Bear also donates 10% of all profits to charity, because we think successful businesses have a duty to give back. This means you can purchase your items in the knowledge that you are supporting ethical shopping.

Why offer your baby a potty?

baby pottyingHelping your baby use a potty instead of using a nappy means you sae more on nappies. This significantly reduces the environmental impact of producing disposables or cloth nappies. From birth, babies can show us through their body language what they are doing and we can respond to them just like when hungry or tired. Using a potty takes seconds and is quicker than cleaning after a soiled nappy.

Helping infants and young toddlers to use a potty is not a new concept; it was the norm in the UK until the introduction of disposables in the 1960’s. In fact, baby pottying is still a mainstream practice in many cultures around the world.

We make sure that all the products in Little Bunny Bear’s range help make pottying easier, whether or not you use nappies. Alongside the products, Little Bunny Bear shares advice drawn from personal experience, to help you on your way.

Ethical shopping: where do your donations go?

10% of all Little Bunny Bear’s profits are donated to charity. Through up-cycling, Little Bunny Bear also helps you generate income for charities such as Sue Ryder, Oxfam and the Salvation Army. Here are just a few examples of the charities Little Bunny Bear has supported so far:

Concern worldwide charity MOAS charity  Save the Children charity  the salvation army

Sue Ryder
The Weatfields Hospice, Leeds

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