Do I need special clothes to go potty?

We know that babies who regularly use a potty (even from birth), are out of nappies much sooner than babies who don’t, and that’s good for everyoneWhen potty-friendly clothes are used, parents report fewer “misses”, they see their baby’s signals and cues clearer, and save a ton of washing. 

Do I really need special clothing for baby pottying?

clothing for baby pottyingYou have probably noticed that most baby clothes are not designed for pottying at all!  Endless poppers and layers make nappy changes a faff, and reduce your motivation to potty.

Little Bunny Bear specialises in split crotch clothing and accessories that helps make pottying your baby quick and easy.

How does Little Bunny Bear’s clothing for elimination communication help?

Being able to respond to your baby’s cues, signals and timing quickly is key to successful pottying, as well as avoiding problems down the line.  With elimination communication clothing such as split crotch trousers, pottying takes just seconds – watch:

Little Bunny Bear’s range of sewing patterns are the only ones like it in the world. They have been carefully designed and created so that you can make your own potty-friendly clothing, using the style and fabric of your choice.


IMG_9292Where to buy

You can buy sewing patterns for baby pottying from my shop. You can buy handmade clothing and puddle pads from the Etsy shop.

You might also want to check out The Big List of EC supplies via for a fully comprehensive list of all ec-friendly products and where to buy them.

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