DIY Split Crotch Trouser pants

In this blog piece I will show you how to make your own DIY split crotch clothing perfect for EC / infant potty training / baby led potty training from an EXISTING pair of trousers, & all in less than an hour!

We all love money saving techniques and Do It Yourself Split Pants are about as savvy as things get in the world of elimination communication. And yet so many of us have struggled to see how to make them. Struggle no longer! Now, I know not everyone likes to sew, so if sewing is just not your thing, you  may want to go to this set of tutorials instead, which require only scissors (no sewing, promise). However, if you are on speaking terms with your sewing machine, you can keep reading.

You will need:

IMG_9705A suitable pair of trousers to repurpose (suitable = currently fits your child, preferably soft and stretchy fabric). Leggings work very well for this project.

Scissors, pins, sewing machine and thread.

2″ strip of spare fabric, something stretchy is best. Can be contrasting or same colour as the leggings.

Optional button if you want to add the “privacy button” feature.

How to make them:

1. Cut the crotch seam of your trousers to around 1/2 way up the front seam. Cut the back seam to around 2/3’rds up the way. This will create the hole or “split” through which to potty. If you are using baggy or loose fitting trousers you may wish to cut a little excess but don’t go overboard and make the hole too massive. I’d suggest not cutting more than an inch to either side of the original seam. If you are using leggings, which are close fitting, you will not need to cut off any additional fabric to make the hole suitable.

2. Turn the trousers inside out. Pin your strip of extra fabric all the way around the edge of the split you have created, right sides together:

3. Sew the strip of fabric on so that the right side of the strip (i.e. the outer side of the strip fabric) is sewn together to the INSIDE side out of the trouser fabric:


4. Turn the trousers right way out again.

5. Now, fold the excess strip fabric in on itself twice, to create the ‘edging’ which goes all around the split and which a) makes them look nice and b) prevents fraying. Pin the strip in place:

6. Now, sew the strip on with the outside of the trousers facing up. You will see here I have continued in black thread, so you can see where I have sewn, but I will admit it would have looked prettier if I’d changed to a cream thread. Ah well, can’t have everything.

Ta dah! Your very own simple DIY split crotch trouser pants have been created! 

7. If you wish for more privacy, you can sew a button and a button loop somewhere down the front crotch. With the button done up, the split will not open so wide and will therefore offer a modicum of privacy to the whole style. Now I say a modicum of privacy as it is exactly that – no split pants are going to cover up completely but this may make you feel slightly more comfortable when visitors arrive.

PS, this is the exact same technique needed to neatly finish open crotch baby tights!

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