DIY Split Crotch clothing for elimination communication

DIY split crotch clothing for elimination communication can be easily done using these common items of baby clothing and just a pair of scissors. With the right clothes, pottying becomes easier and your motivation to offer a pottytunity will increase. No sewing required! :

DIY split crotch clothing for elimination communication

When you are pottying your baby you want to ensure they are warm and covered up, especially in colder weather. You can quickly DIY a pair of tights, a baby vest and a baby sleep suit into split crotch clothes to make elimination communication easier. And no sewing required!

On cover days, you can wear the baby split tights with a pair of split crotch trousers when nappy free. That’s how parents often dress their babies in China and other countries where baby potty training/ toileting (elimination communication) is the “norm”. In China, the trousers are usually cut with a large hole at the front and back, and babies wear these with a nappy belt and prefold / soaker pad tucked into the front and back.

Using split crotch trousers with a simple cloth back up can be a great way to increase your catches whilst still using what is effectively a nappy (as back-up) and is very simple to use. In Western cultures, because its not common to see babies dressed for easy pottying, most people go for something a little more discreet. You can make your own split crotch pretty easily by adapting an existing pair of trousers as I show you in my other tutorial  here.

If you want to look super smart, you can make your own Little Bunny Bear discreet split crotch trousers using my PDF instant download sewing pattern . Teamed up with a pair of home made baby split tights, you will be dressed for success! My new sewing pattern design which now fits from 6 months to 4 years! Both are available via my shop. Shop now 

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