Day and Night Potty Training Package

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You want to potty train gently, allowing your child to be self-sufficient and supported. You want to honour your child in the process, to listen to his or her needs and also get your own needs met. You want to go for it – day and night together. And what a great plan because guess what? I ALWAYS recommend starting night time training within a month of completing daytime training. 

By booking both together you are saving a £35 compared to booking them separately!

No problem if you have worries or simply have no idea HOW to go about it: help is coming to you.  Our in-house personalised potty training will help your toddler (18M and above) leave nappies behind swiftly, gently and for good.

This package is split into two sessions. During our first meeting we will look at how to potty train in the daytime, including: 

  • How and when to potty train using a clear plan tailored to you
  • How long it will take
  • How to motivate your toddler and work as a team
  • how to maintain what your toddler learns
  • How to avoid common problems

We can also spend a little time on age-specific challenges as well as any particular issues or concerns you may have. In our second session we will troubleshoot any ongoing concerns and look specifically at night time, allowing you to ditch those nappies and have dry nights and good sleep.

Often, the night time element of potty training presents its own unique challenges. That’s why when we meet, we can also spend a little time on your specific situation and goals, as well as any particular issues or concerns you may have – that’s the magic of a tailored consultation. 

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What happens next?

I will receive your enquiry directly and will contact you with within 1-3 days. At this point I will ask any specific questions I have in order to prepare for our time together. I will then confirm price and deposit and aarrange a date and time….and let the beautiful process begin. I look forward to meeting you!

potty trainer leeds


potty training leeds