We offer  classes for baby pottying (0-18m) and potty training (from 18 months) for parents. Classes are held in Leeds. If you’re local to Leeds or have been coached by Rebecca, you can also join our local support group. If you have a small group of friends, or you want Rebecca to do a session at your nursery etc, please get in touch. To find out more about a private 1:1 session with Rebecca, go to the coaching page. 

Next class date: due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we are not scheduling any classes at this time.
We are, however offering a FREE Potty Training workshop which we are delivering via Zoom.
You can sign up here and set a reminder via Facebook. This is a free session but we are raising money for vulnerable children affected by the Coronavirus by accepting donations.

Mind Your PEES and POOS: for parents with babies aged 0-18M: 

Do you want to learn how to help your 0-18m baby use a potty? This class teaches all the basics for starting, from how to recognise when your baby need to eliminate to how to respond. You ca start as early as birth or anytime up to 18 months with this gentle method that embraces and supports the special bond you have with your baby. You can help your baby use potty part time and still use nappies.

In this age range, you will learn:

  • When and how 
  • How to do nappy free time (without mess)
  • How to potty at night time (if you want to)
  • How to potty part time 
  • How to use nappies when your baby goes potty
  • How to go potty when out and about, away from home, when you have guests etc
  • Pottying during major developmental milestones such as crawling and walking
  • Overcoming potty refusal or resistance 
  • How to build towards complete independence from nappies

This is a great class for parents, doulas or other caregivers looking after babies. Class resources include free materials, discount access to guidebooks and the Little Bunny Bear range of products.

POTTY MASTERS: for parents of toddlers aged 18m and above

After walking, potty training is the second biggest milestone your child will reach in the first 5 years of life. Toddlers need support and clear guidance to successfully potty train and this is what we teach parents. You can start anytime from 18 months with 18-30m being the ideal window. From 18 months, children are ready to potty train (and don’t necessarily have to show any signs!).  With a clear plan, you can be confident that you know what you are doing and that it will be a smooth transition for your family.

By the end of this class you will:

  • Know how and when to potty train
  • Know how long it should take
  • Understand how to motivate your toddler and work as a team
  • Know how to implement a gentle 3 step method to break nappy dependence
  • Have a clear plan for potty training which is non-coercive and can be fitted into your busy lifestyle 
  • Understand how to maintain what your toddler learns 
  • Know how to avoid common problems 

We teach a very practical and direct approach which is baby-led and gentle. You and your toddler will work in partnership without the need for power-struggles, sweets, bribery or stickers. Parents who use this method typically complete potty training within 3-7 days.

This is a great class for parents, caregivers or anyone working with children in this age group. Class resources include free materials, discount access to guidebooks and the Little Bunny Bear range of products.

Take our “Readiness” Quiz and see whether it’s time to go potty

Worried ‘early’ potty training will harm your baby? Read my evidence-based article here to dispel common myths.


CANT MAKE a class in leeds? 

Enquire about a 121 session with Rebecca in your own home for you or a small group.

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