POOEY NAPPIES: the least enchanting aspect of life with a new baby, right?

What if I told you that there was another option? That in the same way that you respond to your baby’s hunger cries, or their need for comfort or sleep, you can also respond to their elimination needs?

Learn how to help your baby use a potty from birth
Using a potty instead of a nappy, even just some of the time, has so many benefits for you and your baby. It can help:
• Reduce colic
• Eliminate nappy rash
• Prevent constipation
• Soothe and comfort
Plus it
• Helps you tune into your baby
• Teaches your baby to listen to their body
• Promotes natural hygiene
• Develops your babies motor skills and long term memory

We teach a gentle method which will enable you to recognise and respond to your baby’s elimination needs. The class is taught by Little Bunny Bear’s Rebecca Mottram, a registered Children’s Nurse, experienced potty training coach and parent of two babies who both used a potty from birth.

Register now for our 1.5 hour class to learn:

✓ Everything you need to get started
✓ When your baby needs to eliminate (timing, signals and intuition)
✓ How to position and cue your baby
✓ How to do nappy free time without the risk of mess
✓ How to dress your baby
✓ How to potty at night time (if you want to)
✓ How to potty part time
✓ How to use nappies when your baby goes potty
✓ How to go potty during feeds or when out and about
✓ How to build towards later independence

Plus lots of resources from handouts and workbooks to discounted access to the guide book, nappy systems and elimination clothing that will make pottying easy.

Our next class is on Saturday 5th May. Book now.
Can’t make this date? See our class schedule for 2018. We offer three types of classes (0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18+ months) which are held in Mothercare at Crown Point in Leeds.

Want to know more?

Join our online community
When you’re doing something as amazing as baby pottying, it’s great to be in touch with other parents who can identify with your journey and learn and support each other.. That’s why when you join us we make sure to put you in touch with a real community of parents who have come together to learn and support each other.

Come to our free monthly meetup
We run a monthly support group for parents who are practising baby pottying in Leeds. Our next meetup is Thursday 3rd May at Mothercare, Crown Point. Why not come down, meet Rebecca and find out more?

Book at one to one with Rebecca
As beneficial as our classes and support groups are for parents, some people just need a little extra. Private consultations can offer a tailored approach to your specific needs, or perhaps for a particular stage of development. They are also a great way to address a potty-related problem.

Read testimonials from satisfied parents
“I wish with all my heart that I had known about Little Bunny Bear when I was pregnant. I would definitely have practised EC from birth instead of just using her advice for older children. Rebecca is so incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring and offers wonderful resources.”

“The support I received is amazing. Until now I was struggling with observations, I didn’t fully understand them. Now I do me and my baby have come on leaps and bounds. I’m eternally grateful.

“I posted on a facebook group asking for support with early potty training/elimination communication with my 15 month-old. I’ve never met her, but she took the time on a weekday night to call me and talk me through the next steps to help my wee one to get dry. Really helpful and friendly lady!”

“Cannot praise Rebecca enough for her incredible patience and support in helping to get my daughter out of nappies at nighttime. Rebecca offered several pieces of really well thought out pieces of advice and really took into account my current situation. Several times over the space of a fortnight I spoke to Rebecca, sometimes she contacted me to ask how we were doing and sometimes I needed to vent: my frustrations were met with a sympathetic, supportive listening ear, and successes were highly congratulated. If it wasn’t for her I would have definitely given up on trying to potty train at night as it has been exhausting for us… but, thanks to Rebecca, my daughter is now dry at night!”

“We booked Rebecca for a one to one session to help us get our 3.5 year old toilet trained. We had had a couple of attempts and to say our son was resisting potty training, is a understatement. He was scared of using anything other than a nappy and would become distraught when we suggested it. We were at our wits end and couldn’t find advice that fitted our situation. All or books focused on younger kids. Luckily we saw a Facebook recommendation giving Rebecca’s details. She was very approachable, calm and non judgmental and she talked us through a strategy we could use, and discussed was of tailoring to address our particular issues.

Armed with a strategy and the confidence that this was the right approach we tackled it head on, thanks to Rebecca. The result was far better than we could ever have dreamt. Rebecca advised us how to work gently with our son to help support him emotionally. Once he accepted the potty he used it, unprompted, for everything, the same day. We have had very few accidents, even when on outings. When we have been out, he has used a toilet. We are delighted. We had been stressed and anxious about how to tackle this key parenting task, and Rebecca gave us the toolkit and simple strategies to confidently tackle it. We are all so much happier.

We are now onto night time training and we will definitely be asking Rebecca for her advice on this as well. Rebecca’s support has been invaluable.”

“I arranged a Private Consultation with Rebecca because I have been thinking about potty training my 16 month old girl. She helped me to make a plan of how to start and advised me on the issues I was concerned about. I had wanted to start using less nappies as I had been worried about my carbon footprint. Also I felt that my little girl was learning new skills more and more and that she would be capable of learning how to use a potty. After our consultation I felt confident to start no nappy time with a view to start potty training. She was very reasonable and I would recommend her to my friends for her simple and clear method of potty training. Thank you Rebecca!”

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