What is baby pottying (Elimination Communication /EC), how do you do it and why would you want to?  Use the sections in this guide to find out everything you need to know to get started the right way.


what is baby pottying

What is baby pottying and when can you start?

Elimination communication from birth? Really ? How do you do that and why would you want to?

baby pottying

How do you know when they need to go? (Elimination communication cues and signals)

Can you really tell when you baby needs to eliminate or is it just luck? How do you do it?

nappy free

Nappy Free Without the Mess

Nappy free time does not have to be scary, but it is important. Learn how to do it without a messy accident running your outfit (and your day).

baby pottying

How to hold your baby for pottying

How to hold your newborn, when to start sitting them on a potty and how to help your baby use a toilet.

elimination communication diaper

What to wear for baby pottying (EC)

Baby potting does not have to mean being naked, or giving up cute and stylish baby clothes. Find out what to wear and why.

EC at night

EC at night, when feeding or when out and about

Can you potty at night? Should you? What about when feeding, or when out and about? How do you do it?

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