Ask Rebecca: how much should my child drink?

It depends on their age says Rebecca Mottram.

Dear Rebecca,

I have just started introducing the potty to my 1 year old and he only seems to need to pee about once an hour. I was expecting this to be a bit more often so I am wondering if he is getting enough fluids? How do I know how much to offer?

Paying attention to how much your child drinks is important for any parent, but it’s especially helpful when you start Potty Training. As your first task is to help them to become aware of what their body is doing when they pee and help them to practise putting their pee in the potty, having more pottytunities makes the learning process easier.

Not getting enough fluids also increases the likelihood that your child will become constipated which can make Potty Training a much more difficult process. (You can learn more about this in my FREE constipation module!)

Below is a helpful chart which explains how much children should be drinking at different ages.

Hope this helps! Good luck with Potty Training – let me know how you get on and remember to check out my resources to help you.

Do you want to know 10 gentle, playful ways to encourage your child’s fluid intake?

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