Free Christmas Gift

10 simple ways to give for free this Christmas

Giving a gift does not have to mean spending money and it doesn’t mean you have to make something either. This Christmas, consider these 10 ways you can give a meaningful gift and make a difference. 

  1. Feed someone who is starving by clicking on this link at the hunger site. Sponsors will donate on your behalf and you can click once a day, each day of the year.
  2. Give blood – find a local donation venue.
  3. Visit someone in need – spend time with them doing something that matters to them.
  4. Make a conscious effort to be kind, gentle and forgiving to those you love. Holidays can often bring up resentments and unresolved issues so lead with empathy.
  5. Call a distant relative or loved one on the phone and ask them how they are. Listen to their answer and try not to talk about yourself.
  6. Donate your time to volunteer at a food bank/homeless centre or other local place where you can help others.
  7. Stop and chat; it might be the only conversation that person has that day and you could help them when they are feeling lonely or down.
  8. Offer to accompany someone to a local event, so they don’t have to go alone.
  9. Make an audiobook, e.g. short stories for distant grandchildren with your own personal message.
  10. What are you good at? Share a skill or offer your help e.g. cleaning, babysitting, petsitting etc.

Little Bunny Bear donates 10% of all profits to charity and worthy causes. This year we have supported Friends of Shire Oak, Wheatfields Hospice in Headingly and the Salvation Army. We have also  donated time and skill to support parents. You can find out more about our work on our about us page.


Do you have other ideas for giving this Christmas? Please leave us a comment (cos you know what, that gives me a boost for writing it, so thank you) and share your thoughts:

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