Readiness Quiz: When can you potty train?

Is your child ready to potty train? Take the Little Bunny Bear quiz and find out!  Start by choosing your child’s age:

0-18 months old

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Between 0-18m your child is ready to potty learn! It's not potty training but has many known benefits for babies and parents. Find out more by flipping the FACT cards below.

18 months or above

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Good news! By 18 months, your child is ready to potty train, whether or not they show interest or have used a potty before. Simple as that. Find out more by flipping the FACT cards below.

Is readiness age dependent?

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No. The concept of "readiness" is a myth which was developed and promoted by disposable nappy companies. Before disposables were invented, over 90% of kids were potty trained by 18 months.

Is earlier potty training harmful?

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Potty training from 18 months has not been shown to be harmful. In fact, research evidence shows it's beneficial. Starting early means you finish early and save years of unnecessary nappy use.

Shouldn't we let babies be babies?

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Babies are born with a very strong instinct not to soil themselves. In many countries, potty learning from birth is the norm and 50% of the world's babies are potty trained by 12 months.

Why should babies use a potty?

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Potty learning from 0-18 months helps your baby develop good communication and body awareness. It saves nappies and is better for the environment. It's hygienic, can reduce colic and is healthier for your baby's skin.

Should potty training be parent-led?

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Parent-led potty training from 18m means you can do it earlier, and finish earlier. Working as a team with your child means you are supporting their innate need for mastery. You can use a gentle approach to honour this need.

How long does parent-led potty training take?

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From 18 months, it takes around 7 days on average. No bribes, stickers or rewards. Just like your grandparents used to do. Simple, quick, gentle.

Find out your score

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OK, so I tricked you, a little bit. Sorry. But you already got your answer really. If your child is aged 0-18m they are ready to potty learn (yes, that's right, from birth). If they are aged 18m or above, they are ready to potty train. The capability is there. It's up to you now. Click the links below to find out how to get going.

Get personalised support to baby potty or potty train

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Book a 1:1 private consultation with a certified potty training coach (that's me, Rebecca) and learn how to work in partnership with your child to start, troubleshoot and complete baby pottying or potty training. Click the enquiry button at the bottom of the page.

Teach yourself with the no.1 books

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The Go Diaper Free multimedia books are the only ones out there that teach you step by step exactly HOW to start, maintain and wrap up your baby pottying or potty training journey. Click the link at the bottom of the page to download your book or have a printed copy sent to you.

Find out more about baby pottying

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Download my FREE Go Potty Guide and learn more about the amazing world of baby pottying from videos, how-to-blogs and other useful resources to get started today. Click the link at the bottom of the page.

Attend a Go Potty class

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Little Bunny Bear offers classes in Mothercare to parents in Leeds (UK). Click the link below to see current class dates and book your place.

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