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Using disposable nappies when your baby goes potty or is potty training

Even though we know that they make the Potty Learning process harder, disposable nappies provide a cheap and convenient solution for many parents and they are the number 1 nappy option in the UK and North America. Here are my top tips to help ensure successful Potty Learning, even if you choose to use disposable nappies:

  1. Consider your options – disposable nappies wick away moisture, preventing your child from developing the body awareness they need to be toilet independent one day. However, often the more “eco-friendly” disposables feel a little wetter than the “ultra-dry” type..
  2. If you notice a pee or poo, change the nappy as soon as possible. Aside from reducing the chance of nappy rash, doing so gives your baby the opportunity to learn cause and effect and teaches them that being clean and dry is the norm.
  3. Introduce regular nappy free time. This will help your baby learn body awareness and help you to understand your baby’s signals and/or timing – an essential part of preparing for successful potty training.
  4. Consider using Nappy Cloths inside the nappy as a way to develop body awareness and also help the nappy last a little longer. Just be sure to change them as soon as they are wet to avoid nappy rash.
  5. Offer your baby a potty at each nappy change, to give them the opportunity to wee and/or poo outside of a nappy. This allows them to become familiar with the potty/toilet and begin practising some of the  40 skills they will need to master to become toilet independent or potty-trained.
  6. Whilst you can begin teaching potty skills as early as birth, you should consider beginning potty training by 18 months of age before your child becomes resistant to change. We have amazing resources to help you.
  7. Think of your disposable nappy as a “back-up”  – i.e. consider that it’s not the only option for babies to pee and poo, they can use a potty , toilet or another receptacle instead.
  8. Consider switching to cloth at any time if you think it might work for you. There are many options available now including nappy hire so it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think.

Did I miss a tip? Why not share yours here in the comments!

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