19 genius hacks to make potty time a breeze

Try our top potty training tips to take your pottying to the next level. These simple DIY hacks will help make life easier whilst practising Elimination Communication or whilst Potty Training..

  1. Hear a pee by keeping a little water in the potty (and it will also stop poo sticking)
  2. Fill a spray bottle with water, a little soap and some essential oils for natural cleaning
  3. Eat puree prunes to prevent constipation
  4. Keep the potty still with some anti slip gripper and puddle pad in case of spills
  5. Pack a basket of the things you need and keep it nearby (change of pants, wipes, potty cleaner, tissue paper)
  6. Set a timer to help you remember when it’s potty time
  7. Keep that bot on the pot with a good read
  8. Use tissues instead of loo roll to reduce waste
  9. Make a simple potty den for privacy
  10. Stay warm with cut open tights instead of leg warmers which always fall down. In warmer weather make them into leggings by trimming off at the ankles
  11. Popper vests out of the way to one side or over the shoulder to stop them dipping in the pot
  12. Turn a vest into a long t-shirt – just cut off the bottom with scissors
  13. Or use a vest as a potty cosy to keep little bottoms warm
  14. Use a toiletries case as a wet/dry bag on outings
  15. Put a flannel in a disposable so it feels wet. Change the flannel and help the nappy last longer
  16. Stick a sanitary pad in pants as extra back up
  17. Put a cloth in the potty at night to avoids spills in the dark
  18. Double-make the bed in case of night time accidents: mattress protector/sheet/wool puddle pad/sheet. In case of a wetting, just remove the top layer and the dry layer you need will already be there
  19. Use a hair bobble to tighten trousers that are too loose now you’ve ditched nappies.

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