I ate my baby’s nappy liner and other problems

Fancy a drink anyone? You may have read lately the alarming news that tap water has now become infected with plastic1. Plastic is also in the food we eat, from sea to plate2.  Now, studies have found plastic fibres from everyday clothes in our food and water 3. Unfortunately, nappies are part of this problem thanks to synthetic fibres such as fleece and polyester 4.

Take for example, the so called “flushable’ wipes and nappy liners, which are not always as biodegradable as you might think5. Flushing them away is clogging up our drains and littering our oceans6. These wipes are actually made of the same plastic materials as the now-banned microbeads7. This global environmental catastrophe is in part, caused by our regular use of disposable, irresponsibly produced and discarded non-biodegradable products.

What about wipes?

Well if you’re crafty, why not have a go at making some yourself. Just cut up an old towel and hem round the edges, then wet with water or a home-made wipes solution, and wash in your usual laundry. If you’re not crafty or don’t have the time, I’ve tried (and love) Cheeky wipes.

What about flushing?

That’s simple! Remember the 3 P’s: Pee, Poo and Paper, the only things that should be put down the toilet8.

What about nappy liners?

Consider switching to a truly biodegradable, or even better, a reusable kind of liner. Sadly, the vast majority of those sold on the market today are made from fleece, so be sure to avoid those.  For a biodegradable (disposable) option, check out:

  1. Beaming Baby nappy liners (made from wood pulp)
  2. Motherease Bamboo diaper liners
  3. Mioliners
  4. Totsbots

This list is not exhaustive – there are many others out there. If you want to reduce waste full stop, consider a biodegradable, reusable nappy liner. At the moment the best on offer is a wool one and there are many out there. But of course, I’d encourage you to check out Little Bunny Bear’s wool nappy liners as your first choice!


2 thoughts on “I ate my baby’s nappy liner and other problems

  1. Heidi at EC Peesy says:

    Catchy title! That’s pretty gross to think that we are all eating and drinking plastic and synthetic fibers. I am trying to switch to zero waste options as much as possible. That means incorporating lots of wool and using reusable cloth wipes.

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